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big ol moist panis

i’m sorry but i’m not ashamed to like shitty pop music

how the fuck am i supposed to dance around my room to bon iver 


one time in class a girl asked me which hand i masturbated with and i pointed to my best friend’s hand and now that i think about it that might be why people think we’re gay


yeah the world kinda sucks but at least we have marvel movies


when people say u look hungover and u are



separation is such an illusion. we are one

why do people so desperately want to be plants. i dont get it. go live your leaf life ill be here as a human tbh

"I have told you before that I am loyal to a fault, and that no matter what happens, I will be loyal to you, and I will care about you fiercely. You don’t need to fear my leaving, you don’t need to fear my annoyance, because, my muse, I would never leave, and I cannot stay angry at you.
Because I understand your motives, your wants, your desires. I understand the reasons you stay up, staring into the dark, mind spinning and reeling, nausea creeping up your throat, because you’re so in love with the mere idea of love.
Because I understand your late night ramblings, and the amount of trust you have, because you need no alcohol, no high to spill your every thought without a moment’s hesitation.
Because I will sacrifice anything, everything I have to preserve your wellbeing, and your happiness, and your life.
I understand why your hands shake during class, and why you glance around during class, and why you laugh louder than you usually do, and why you no longer hug me anymore unless I ask.
Because I understand that you no longer smile genuinely, it’s become a facade like my own happiness, and whenever we are alone, all I want is to see your pretty face break into a grin.
But you need not pretend with me. Because I know you and I understand you.
You need not fear hurting me, because I have been hurt before, and it will not phase me.
You need not fear my leaving, because even if you took a blade and plunged it into my chest, I would only wince in slight, and grip your hand and lead you to safety before breathing quiet poetry and finally leaving your presence.
Because as long as I make these poems, these stories, these accounts, they will never be able to fully express the passion and love I feel every day, the protection and worry, the outright raw emotion I experience.
I am loyal to a fault, you need not fear my leaving, you need not fear my annoyance."


If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you

its kind of sad to see the amount of friends who stick around when shit gets rough but it’s good to know who actually cares and who doesn’t

"Because while everyone is slowly giving up, panting for their own breath, and finding their own happiness, I am still screaming in agony, reaching over the edge of the cliff, reaching for your fingers in pure desperation, in complete horror that I will never be able to grasp your wrist and pull you back to sanity, to safety, because even though you see yourself reaching back for me, you’re gazing at the bottomless sea in fascination, because while I can see the plumes of poison and jagged rocks, all you see are colours and abstraction.
And while everyone is telling me to stop and catch my own breath, to take a break, I will never stop, and I refuse to even lose a second’s time, because every second lost, is another inch you have fallen, another inch further from me, dangling, about to fall after you, while you scream in terror, but laugh and yell in exuberance because you feel so free, yet so alone, telling me to not worry, that you’ll be okay, that you’ll be okay
Because though everyone else claims they are done trying to save someone who does not want saving, I refuse to let up and I refuse to lose sight, so every once in a while, I’ll scream and lunge, perking precariously on an even lower ledge, trying again and again to reach your outstretched fingers, trying to calm your raw throat and fearfully clear eyes.
Because you are my world, and because you are my reason for sanity, because I love you, I refuse to lose you, I refuse to let you touch the poison water spotted with ragged boulders, and if I must fall to catch you, then I will."

Anonymous said: Hello yes this is pick up line anon, I ran out of pick up lines for the time being but I just wanted to let you know that you are very cute and really funny and nice. And I hope you have a wonderful week thank u

d’aw thank you i love u pick up line anon i hope u have a wonderful life cause ur a wonderful person